Guide to the Employment Act 1955

All employers who employ people to work in Peninsular Malaysia must comply with the Employment Act 1955. This key piece of labour legislation applies mostly to workers earning not more than RM2,000 per month, but also, since the 2012 amendments, includes sections which apply to all employees.

The topics in the Guide are offered in alphabetical order and are written in a manner that they can be understood by readers without legal training. Each topic is divided into sub-headings in the form of questions. All sections of the Act are included but with particular emphasis on Absence from Work, Annual Leave, Coverage of Scope of the Act, Foreign Employees, the Labour Court, Maternity Leave, Sexual Harassment and Wages. The relevant section in the Act is listed and examples of court judgements are provided.

The Guide also provides a brief overview of the Labour Ordinances of Sabah and Sarawak and the Employment (Part-time Employees) Regulations 2010.


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