1. MLB provides one on one or group training services either at MLB's premises or at a premise of your choice.

2. There are no charges imposed for the training sessions.

3. Bookings can be made with at least 24 hour notice and is subject to the availability of our trainer(s).

4. The maximum number of participants we can accommodate at one session at MLB's premises is 20.

5. Each training session will take approximately 1 hour.

6. Participants at MLB's premises will be provided with note paper and pen/pencil and light refreshments.

7. It is advisable for participants to bring along their own laptops so that they can have a full hands-on experience while the training is on-going.

8. Participants will be requested to complete a feedback form after the training session to enable us to improve our services.


To register, click here. For further enquiries, email